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If you want to protect and provide the best security system to your hotel, you must have security guards! In this article, you will know their primary role and the outstanding and beneficial benefits of hiring a hotel security guard.

Main Role of a Hotel Security Guard

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A hotel security guard is responsible for providing safety in hotels. They assist in protecting guests and their valuables, and fellow hotel employees. In order to become a hotel security officer, you will need a high school diploma and to complete all relevant security training.

A hotel security officer is responsible for the safety of hotel guests and is also responsible for the security of the hotel, its equipment, and its property.

The security officer also typically patrols the banquet and meeting rooms responding to any type of disturbance, from a fire or unauthorized guest to a medical emergency.

The security officer also responds to guest complaints regarding disturbances and problems with neighboring hotel guests.

Some of the main tasks a security guard must perform are the following:

They are responsible for ensuring that the hotel’s security policies are complied with established in the hotel. Receives direct orders from the general manager or any other hotel executive.

  • Elaborate, an annual security program
  • Review the operation of the alarms
  • Suggest measures for fire prevention and firefighting.
  • Supervise the custody of valuables and transportation
  • Schedule tours of the hotel facilities
  • Supervise the process of the security boxes.

Benefits of a Hotel Security Guard

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Some of the best benefits you can get with this type of security system are:

1- Entrance control

For example, security guards and cameras are placed at entrances to monitor entry and exit points. This helps to assess the threat situation before it is too late.

2- Crime prevention

Occasionally, attackers may enter the hotel, posing as guests and intend their illegal activities. But due to the presence of a fully prepared security team, they would not enter the hotel.

3- Ensure VIP guest protection

Hotels occasionally host conferences and business meetings, which may include government officials, politicians, or celebrities. These people are expected to gather a large crowd and may provoke any unwanted incidents. Security guards can keep strangers out of the hotel.

4- Eradicate property damage

Some guests may damage hotel property or completely spoil the rooms. Security guards can keep an eye on the hotel at times and prevent guests from damaging any hotel property.

5- Ensuring proper conduct

The hotel staff is aware of the existence of some disruptive guests and visitors. They tend to make physical contact with the staff whenever there is something they don’t like, and that always ends badly. Security guards can take charge of controlling such a situation before it gets out of hand and becomes an incident.

Security-Guard Hotel Must have!

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Any good security service must have comprehensive security and surveillance solutions for hotel facilities, which ensure the protection of both facilities and professionals and guests. For this purpose, it offers:

  • Video detection systems
  • Surveillance cameras, with CCTV system that allows surveillance in complete darkness, as well as thermal cameras, to measure body temperature without the need for physical contact
  • Access control
  • Presence control
  • Fire protection
  • Anti-theft systems. Always strive to have the most technologically advanced
  • Anti-theft systems, both in antennas and in all types of tags

According to the law, the main functions of a hotel security guard are: To exercise the surveillance and protection of goods, establishments, places, and events. Both private and public, as well as the protection of the people who may be in them, carrying out the checks, records, and preventions necessary for the fulfillment of its mission.

Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc, provides you a complete, trustful and loyal hotel security guard service.

Not sure what steps yous must follow to hire security service? Check our blog of Security Guards Hiring Tips  and will provide you a more clear idea of which could be the best security guard for you.


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A good Hotel Security Guard service must count on the ultimate ethics and professionalism. Our hotel security and surveillance service are provided by a team of professionals with years of training.

In addition to this, they must receive annual training and periodic courses that allow them to be always updated and trained to perform their functions, which are basically: prevention, detection, deterrence of possible criminal acts, action, and intervention.

Having a complete and reliable hotel security service like this will allow you to offer your hotel guests an effective professional work.

Hire Professionals!

Now that you had learnt the great benefits and the vital role of a hotel security guard, you can set up your mind and hire them!

At Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc, we provide the most professional and certificated guards that will ensure your hotel and guests safety!

With many years of experience, Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. are among Houston’s top security guard companies. Our job is to provide with elite, reliable, and affordable security guards.

We offer from Warehouse, Hotel, Building, Construction Site, to Shopping Center Security Service. Visit our website and see the latest updates on the security guard service in Texas.

Contact us, get your free quote today, and provide the best safety in your building.

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