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When it comes to a business’s security, not all owners know that guards must follow specific guidelines to improve service. That’s why we decided to create a guide regarding the top principles of patrolling all security guards must abide by.

Check the principles, and identify if you are following them. Keep reading to discover more!

Are Patrolling Principles Important?

Yes, they are crucial for security guards and companies. Patrolling is an essential part of businesses since it responds to incidents and deters and prevents crime. Crime prevention, criminal apprehension, law enforcement, order maintenance, public services, and traffic enforcement are all goals and objectives of patrolling.

Everyone’s perspective on safety and security is changing these days. For the average person, it’s due in part to the 24-hour news cycle. Before, the news only covered local events in far-flung towns and states. Nowadays, you can find them broadcasted all across the country. 

This level of coverage created awareness in the average person that has never been seen before. As a result, the threats and methodologies of perpetrators changed over time. For this reason, they now present unique challenges for security practitioners, requiring continuous reviews of security policies, protocols, and procedures.

That’s why all business proprietors should know which are the main guidelines their guards must abide by. That way, they ensure that their establishments always remain safe.

5 Principles of Patrolling Every Business Must Follow

These are the 5 main principles of patrolling every commercial premise should count on:

  1. Planning for effective communication
  2. Reconnaissance for confirming possible threats
  3. Security to improve a business’s protection
  4. Control to define the steps guards must take
  5. Common sense for ensuring proper actions in emergencies

Every principle is vital for keeping your business safe. Remember that your guards must be trained and informed about these methods. 

Planning for Effective Communication

Business Security Planning

Communication is the pillar of everything; without an effective communication plan, everything could go wrong. This principle is essential since a simple project can quickly and effectively communicate a strategy down to the lowest level.

That being said, when a business counts on a poor planning strategy, it can take an eternity to complete. Not only that, but the results also will not be favorable. For this reason, a plan and proper preparation for a commercial establishment’s security is a reasonable standard.

Moreover, you should take into account a realistic plan that your guard quickly understands and follows. Make sure to add some crucial tasks that guards could perform in breach, support, or assault. Give confidence to your guards through communication and allow them to be independent leaders that coordinate the business security.

Reconnaissance for Confirming Possible Threats

Avoid Possible Threats to Your Business

While reconnaissance is a term primarily used in military operations, it’s essential for patrolling businesses. Many people know this principle as scouting as well. A SWOT analysis of your business place can help a lot for reconnaissance.

Long story short, reconnaissance helps businesses by observing the whole premise. That way, they can know which areas are more likely for burglars and other trespassers to enter the place. This step can also help avoid shoplifting.

Furthermore, guards must identify how to act before possible threats and establish some perimeters to follow. During the reconnaissance process, guards should work on a plan based on the first step, which is communication.

Security to Improve a Business’s Protection

Improve Commercial Security with Patrolling Principles

If you are a business owner and already suffered from a thief, the best way to improve the business’s protection. Business owners must always look for ways to enhance their establishment’s security, whether internal or external threats. That’s why security is a must.

Start by listing any potential challenges, issues, and obstacles that your place might have. Then, come up with solutions for these problems. Finally, share your thoughts with the crew to ensure that every guard is aware of their duties.

Your guards must be able to perform and follow a new plan to avoid any second incident. Put cameras, an anti-theft system, or some extra guards to protect your business space. One crucial step is to rehearse all-new strategies you implement. 

You can also improve your commercial properties’ security by implementing the correct security camera and using different kinds of tags.

Control to Define the Steps Guards Must Take

Steps for Security Guards

Having a clear understanding of the steps helps guarantee successful coordination between the proprietor and the security team. Here is where the principle of control comes in handy.

Whether you have a small or a large team, you must ensure that all guards know essential security procedures. You can share with them a patrolling checklist to let them know what their duties are.

Additionally, your guards must understand what they can do and don’t in the business space. Clear concepts and guidelines allow communication and discipline, and more importantly, you will have control over the personal. 

Make some link-up meetings to check if everything is going great with the guards and with your business. Meetings are essential to reporting everyday tasks. 

Common Sense for Ensuring Proper Actions in Emergencies

Business Security for Emergencies

Lastly, but more importantly, patrolling security guards must use their common sense when finding themselves in emergencies. It means that they should know that their utmost priority is fighting the threat to the business.

There are instances in which a guard might not know what to do. Here is where they must use the policy of common sense, for this is crucial to follow the four principles above to make sure that guards can perform their tasks in emergencies. 

Moreover, as mentioned above, you have to give confidence to your guards so that they have more liberty and authority. Guards must know what to do without someone having to tell them. 

Perhaps, these five principles of patrolling might be new for you, but it is crucial to apply them in your business. If you wish to hire a team that abides by all of them, then be sure to contact Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. We can answer your doubts, so don’t be afraid to ask. 

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