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Security Company in Houston TX—Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc.

Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc

Private security services are one of the most delicate services we offer. To provide elite security solutions is a highly risky job for our officers. But there is no other way around it; it’s the nature of the job. Also, when hiring a security guard company, the security guards should be trusted, honest, respectful, and customer-oriented. Missing any of these traits can cause customer dissatisfaction and when making the mistake to hire unreliable, dishonest, and lazy security officers, there will be many deficiencies, problems, and chaos in your business. But don’t worry since you can trust Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. We are an experienced, honest, responsive, and customer-oriented security company in Houston TX.Do You Need an Honest Security Company?


Do You Need an Honest Security Company?

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Here Is Why You Should Trust Us Blindly as Your Security Company in Houston TX

1.     We Offer Honesty and Integrity to Nurture Your Trust and Keep Your Peace of Mind

As a commercial security company in Houston TX, we take care of delicate/expensive equipment, liquid and fixed business assets, people’s lives, and even your business reputation.

We put honesty and integrity as core values of our company because, by all means, we want your trust intact since it is vital to our business success.

Thus, as a top commercial security guard company in Houston TX, we have a very strict hiring process. We make sure to hire only the most trustworthy security personnel.

We do extensive and deep background checks before hiring someone. In this way, we ensure that none of our security guards have a criminal record or a history of dishonesty.

So no wonder why we make such a great deal about our hiring process. In this way, we make sure to send and trust your business to the best people. So, without doubts, integrity and honesty are vital values for our company.

Trusted Security Guard Protecting Business Front Door—Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc.

2.     We Are a Customer Service Oriented Security Company in Houston TX

Our security guard officers have the ability and willingness to serve your clients; no matter the type of business you run.

Of course, we know that clients have different needs depending on the business type. But don’t worry because our uniformed security officers are quick learners and have a genuine servant attitude that will make your clients feel welcomed, appreciated, and loved.

We offer our security patrol services to office buildings, business parks, banks, convenience stores, shopping centers, warehouses, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, and others.

Our security guards will check in guests, do routine checks to visitors, guide clients or visitors to offices or sections of your business, escort employees and clients to their cars at night, and many other good willing actions.

3.     We Accommodate to Your Needs. In the end, You Are the Boss!

No matter if you need a security company in Houston TX to protect your business 24/7, or you want a shifting schedule; don’t worry. You can ask whatever you want. We are always willing to accommodate our schedule so it fits perfectly with you and your business activities.

What??? You are telling us that you only need a highly qualified security team to keep order in your important event? And that is it!!!

Well, you are the boss, and you can ask for whatever you need! Here at Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc., we offer elite event security services tailored to your needs.

We can guarantee that your event will start, develop, and end without experiencing odd situations, turmoil, or any inconvenience.

As a vanguard security company in Houston TX, we offer flexible and tailored security guard services.

By working with us, you can have a fixed schedule or varying hours, long-term and even short-term contracts. In the end, we want to offer you only the best of the best when it comes to security guard and patrol services.

Security Guard Patrolling Business Park—Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc.

4.     We Are Superbly Trained. We Are Licensed and Insured! 

When we think about the role of a private security guard, we think of someone alert, with great physical fitness, reliable, respectful, and serving.

So regardless of the type of business you want us to protect, our guards are the surefire solution since they are rigorously trained to guarantee the well-being of your business.

Our patrol security guards are always alert and have the best security equipment to handle emergency situations promptly and effectively.

Besides, as one of the best private security companies, we have all licenses to operate all over Texas. Since our job is risky, we also are covered by the best insurance companies.

We can provide proof of our training, licenses, and even insurance contracts.

Hire the Best Security Company in Houston TX. Get Elite Security Guard and Patrol Services

We bring to your business courtesy, professionalism, and responsive protection.

We offer reliable guard patrol services. Our guards are 24/7 alert to ensure your well-being and protect your interests. We’ll always act when the safety of an employee, client, or visitor is undermined.

We are the surefire way to deter criminal or wrongful activities in your business. Hire Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. to have the safest business atmosphere, to have peace of mind, and care about your reputation.

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