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A security officer’s primary responsibility is protecting people, businesses, or other areas. Naturally, they also worry about their safety. So, protecting themselves is part of their job.

If you are a business owner, you must care about your worker’s safety, so you should follow these 6 security guard tips to deal with dangerous situations.

Keep reading this blog to discover how you can implement these tips in your business place.

Security Guards: Main Functions and Risks

When security guards start their functions, they perform different tasks to keep the commercial place safe from various dangerous events. But, when developing these functions, guards could suffer injuries.

Here are some of the leading security guards functions:

  1. Deter crimes
  2. Monitor, detect, and report
  3. Keep good relations with people
  4. Manage dangerous situations

Deter Crimes

When there’s a guard around, the chances of a crime go down. Guards are adequate for deterring criminal activity, especially if they count with the different tools and proper techniques. You can prevent shopfitting easily with trained security guards.

Monitor, Detect and Report

security guards steps to chase a thief

Motoring is one of the essential functions of security guards because they can identify suspicious movements and behaviors. This means that security guards need to pay attention to dangerous little details and report them immediately.

One of the functions linked to motoring is access control. Security guards require controlling the people entering the business place and check if some “customers” behave suspiciously.

Keep Good Relations with People

They have to portray themselves as trustworthy figures and be open to answering people’s doubts. Maintain good relations with police officers or other authorities.

When the security guards are at the entrance, it’s crucial they be respectful and kind with the different customers to create bonds between them.

Manage Dangerous Situations

This is another fundamental task performed by security guards. They can suffer from slipping to significant injuries. They are also usually the first responders, sometimes even handling situations that involve armed criminals or injured people.

When managing a dangerous situation, security guards need to be ready for any risk. For this reason, it is crucial to specific training so they do not panic.

Security Guard Safety Tips You Should Follow

Staying safe is essential in such a risky job. Here are some security guard tips to stay safe while protecting people and places:

  1. Memorize the environment
  2. Change regular moves
  3. Wear the security gear
  4. Stay healthy
  5. Follow procedures and respect the law
  6. Don’t be too confident

Remember that these tips could be helpful to avoid potential crimes on your commercial property. As a business owner, you can share these ideas with your security workers.

Memorize the Environment

security monitor system

When protecting a business or any specific area, it’s essential to analyze the place. Memorizing each corner, stair, door, and hallway can help. As well, it is crucial to spot hazards and learn security cameras’ positions and uncovered areas.

When security guards have more than one year working there, they must know the space like the back of their hands. It is essential to understand that area to identify where weapons are stored, and more importantly, to learn about safe zones in earthquakes.

Memorizing the environment of the mall (in case the store is located in that place) is vital for being familiar with the different routes.

Change Regular Moves

Just as they’re observing, someone could be monitoring them. It’s vital to change routes and movements regularly. This tip is linked with memorizing your environment and the different routes it exists. As a security guard, you must use different strategies when moving around the place.

Changing the routes is vital not only for confusing potential thieves. Also, to be familiar with all the potential hazards and their solutions.

Wear the Security Gear

Security guard gear

Security uniforms and equipment are critical elements for staying safe. They have to feel comfortable enough to run if necessary and always carry proper accessories, such as a radio to report something or ask for help.

Security Gear Parts

  • Security guard wearing body armor (bulletproof vest)
  • Flashlight
  • Security guard whistle
  • Pepper spray
  • Security guard baton
  • First aid kit
  • Cell phone or a radio
  • Handgun
  • Police belt
  • Handcuffs

All those parts are essential for performing all the tasks while being protected. Without one of those parts, the different types of security guards could be unprotected.

Stay Healthy

Being a security guard represents a commitment to you. Staying healthy at all times is vital for different areas of the job. A good mind and body condition ensures the officer’s ability to react.

Sometimes, as a security guard, you can run to chase a thief. Staying healthy means keeping your body in shape and being great emotionally. Remember that guards stand up for many hours and can be under pressure by performing some tasks.

There exist some cases where security guards use their training to fight.

Follow Procedures and Respect the Law

Keep in mind procedures, principles, and the law. Even when there’s a need for retaining someone or using force, they don’t have to abuse their power.

Practicing their reaction to elaborate situations, from the most absurd to the most dangerous, could be an excellent exercise to be prepared for all kinds of scenes.

Don’t Get Too Confident

Good security officers know their limits and admit when the help of a Police officer or a paramedic it’s necessary.

Additionally, even if they are somehow protected, they don’t have to be overexposed. They’re still human beings.

Concern about Your Business’s Safety?

Security Services help to reduce the chances of a crime happening. Officers are in front of danger daily; that’s why it’s helpful to keep in mind the security guard tips above.

Having a constant concern could be a burden, don’t wait until you’re desperate. You can count on Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc.

Our company combines highly trained, well-equipped, and truthful officers, prepared for handling different situations.

Feel free to contact us to find a service that fits your needs. We will be more than happy to help you on protecting your commercial property!

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