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Protect your business and investments hiring Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. For more than 20 years, we have helped our clients as a commercial security company. And over the years, we have developed the most trusted, affordable, and responsive security patrol services in Houston TX.

Security Solutions that Bring Peace of Mind!

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Patrol Guard Making Visible Rounds in Business Green Areas—Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc.

As the owner or manager of a business, you should know that keeping a safe working environment is everything.

You should be able to offer the safest conditions to your workers. In this way, they can worry only about having the best ideas, making the most profit to your business, and being happy while working.

Getting our security patrol services in Houston TX is the surefire way to protect your business and other things that matter to you.

With our private security patrolling services, we can help you secure the normal activities of business, no matter the type.

In fact, we offer our services to office buildings, business parks, banks, convenience stores, shopping centers, warehouses, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, and others.

Just by seeing our uniformed patrol officers moving around your business premises, thieves, criminals, and vandals will think twice to mess with you and your people.

In fact, our security guard and patrol services are the best crime deterrent you can have.

With their presence, our highly qualified and superbly trained patrol officers can help you improve your workers’ safety. Also, they are your best option to reduce the chances of theft, crime, or any other act of vandalism on your property or business facilities.

Our Patrol Security Guards Are Superbly Trained, Physically Fit, and Responsive!

Our Patrol Guards Are Superbly Trained, Physically Fit, and Responsive—Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc.

27/7 alertness is our standard of quality as a security service company. By the nature of our security patrol services in Houston TX, we know that things can go wrong in a matter of seconds.

That’s why our patrol security guards are always alert and have the best security equipment to handle emergency situations in a prompt and effective way.

Our patrol security guards wear uniforms that show their professionalism, authority, and skills. As one of the top security guard companies in Houston TX, we make sure to train our uniformed security officers so they can stay always in the top of their game.

Our private security guards are armed, well-equipped, superbly trained, smart, young, and physically fit.

Besides, we follow the best security measures to prevent trespassing, robbery, and other crimes that can develop inside your business premises.

Our professional guard officers can identify suspicious activity and act to prevent issues before they start. If for some reason, there is a security breach, they will know when and how to react to handle it safely and effectively.

Having a reliable, respectful, and serving security team tells the world that you take your business safety seriously.

By hiring Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. to look over your building security, you’ll be stating that nobody should mess with your peace and safety.

General Benefits of Our Security Patrol Services in Houston TX

  • We deter theft, trespassing, vandalism, and crime
  • Our crew will keep a safe working environment
  • We are responsive to emergency situations
  • Our guards can detect and report fire emergencies
  • We assist your clients and visitors in a respectful way

Get Customized Patrol Services from Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc.

We know that every business is different. So, we have to tailor our security patrol services in Houston TX to meet your unique needs.

Do you want a sifting schedule or do you want 24/7 protection for your business?

Whatever your need, it is your lucky day since we can provide to you tailored and trusted security guard services.

You can ask for whatever you need. We’ll make the needed changes in schedule and resources so that we can match perfectly with your business activities.

Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. Offers Tailored Services to Fit Your Unique Business Needs

Our Tailored Security Patrol Services in Houston TX Include these Duties: 

  • We make visible rounds in marked vehicles and wearing security uniforms
  • Our guard patrol officers will check all your property, including green areas
  • We check locks, windows, doors, parked cars, loading bays, and illegally parked cars
  • Our security service can help you turn your lights and AC on and off
  • We offer after-hours security escorts to your employees and clients
  • We deter trespassers on your property
  • Our security guard officers will act to alarms in a quick and effective way
  • If it is needed, we’ll call the local authorities to keep the peace and safety of your business

Hire Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc.—The Best Private Security Patrol Company in Houston TX

Over the last 20 years, we have kept alert and changed our normal sleeping schedules to ensure the safety of your clients and workers.

Besides, we are one of the most reliable private security companies. To be this trusted, we are backed up by our new security equipment and vanguard security protocols.

As a security guard agency, our mission is to keep your business safe 24/7 and 365 days a year.

With our private security patrol services in Houston TX, we will ensure every person’s safety inside your business, your peace of mind, and create the ideal work setting.

In this way, you’ll do your business activities in a smooth and productive way.

“Security Solutions that Bring Peace of Mind”— Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc.

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