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If you own a commercial property, then you probably hired a security company to help you out. Whether you own a shopping center or office building, security is a must. But, do you know what your guards are supposed to do? If you don’t know, then we invite you to take a look at this security patrolling checklist.

As the owner of your property, you must beware of the tasks that your security personnel must do. It doesn’t matter if you hire one, two, or more security guards; they all have specific tasks they must follow.

Make sure that your security patrols are effective. As a result, your property will remain safe, and you’ll get peace of mind. The key is to have great communication between the security guard, the security company, and yourself. Keep reading to find out what your guards should follow!

Our Complete Security Patrolling Checklist

Whether you own a small or big property, one way to protect it is to hire security services. They are a helpful way to ensure your premises are safe always. You won’t be able to check if everything is alright in your property at all times. So, this is where security guard patrol is beneficial.

Also, for larger premises, you must think about hiring security personnel since you want every area to be protected. This checklist applies to both big and small businesses. Just make sure that your guards are following their tasks. If you notice that they’re not doing what they are supposed to, then you must communicate it to the company.

Your security patrolling checklist should include the following:

  • Security patrols around the property (car or foot patrols)
  • Control who has access to the property and restricted areas
  • Random property inspections (inside and outside)
  • Property monitoring through security cameras
  • Daily activity reports

Depending on the size and type of business you own, this checklist may vary. You could add more tasks or modify some of them.

For now, let’s focus on these five duties.

Security Patrols

Security patrols around property

Security guards are not like police officers that arrive at a scene after something has happened. Instead, their job is to prevent something from happening. If you have security guard patrol at your property, then they are there to prevent any burglaries or other crimes. One way they do this is by making security patrol rounds around the premises.

The best way to prevent incidents in your property is to be on the lookout instead of waiting for them to happen. For that reason, your security guards must do routine patrols all around your premises. This includes any parking areas, every building, as well as the perimeter around the area. It could both foot patrol or car patrols.

Nowadays, it’s more common for security guards to make random patrols instead of scheduled ones. This is to avoid monotony for the guard and to not make them predictable for criminals.

Control Access to Property

Control access to property


Another important task that guards have to do is control who enters the property. When you hire security services, they must know who has undenied access to your property. This includes knowing if there are any restricted areas and who can access them.

Your security officers will control access to employees, clients, vendors, or any other visitors. The guard is there to prevent anyone from entering restricted areas.

So, make sure you let the guard know who has access to where on the first day. If you have more than one security guard, then you have to let all of them know.

Controlling access to your property will not only guard your assets but also protect people. If your guard notices someone dangerous is trying to enter your premises, then it’s their job to keep them outside.

Property Inspections

Random property inspections

Security patrols must also randomly check the property. When they are doing their rounds, they should inspect if everything is in order. This includes checking the inside and outside of the premises.

A short inspection checklist that security guards should follow includes:

  • Ensure windows and doors are locked
  • Check if interior lights are turned off
  • Check if exterior or entrance lights are left on at night
  • Ensure the alarm system is working correctly
  • Make sure parking lots are clear and visible
  • Make sure parking lot lights work correctly

As we said before, these tasks will vary depending on the type and size of your business.

Property Monitoring

Property monitoring

Some security guards have the task of monitoring what is going around in the property. This includes watching the cameras in the security office. Some people may think that this is an easy job as they only have to sit and watch some screens. But, whoever is in charge of property monitoring needs to be fully awake and aware of everything going around in the cameras.

If the guard notices something while watching the cameras, then they have to report it. They should report to you as the business owner, the security office, or the authorities. Also, they can go and check what the problem is and inspect for any inconsistent activity.

Report Daily Activity

Keep daily activity security reports

Security guard reporting is an essential part of this security patrolling checklist. Your guards should keep a journal where they log daily activity. As a result, you and the security company will know what happened while a guard was on watch. They should also keep an activity report where they note down anything they saw that was out of place.

With this daily activity report, you can also make sure that your security guards were doing what they were supposed to. If you notice that they have not been doing their job, then you can report it to the security company.

If you hire security services, it is to ensure that you and your property are safe. Whether you own a big or small business, you must have security patrols to ensure everything is in order.

So, it’s important that you have this security patrolling checklist in mind in case a guard forgets a task they have to do. It will also help to make clear to your security guards while you expect from them while they are on duty.

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