Reliable Houston Security Guard Service, Inc.

Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc., is one of the top security guard companies in Houston TX.

We know that security is one of the most important needs that we have as humans. In fact, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs says that “once a person’s physiological needs are relatively satisfied, their safety needs take precedence and dominate behavior.”

So it is our job to provide with elite, reliable, and affordable security guard and patrol services to commercial properties in Houston.

We offer our services to office buildings, business parks, banks, convenience stores, shopping centers, warehouses, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and bars.

Our uniformed and armed guards are highly trained, smart, young, and in amazing physical condition. Besides, we follow the best security measures to prevent trespassing, robbery, and other crimes that can develop inside your business premises.

Security Guard
Security Guard Services

Our crew will keep a safe working environment

Our professional guard officers are trained to identify suspicious activity. And they know when and how to react to security breaches.

Their presence in your business represents a great deterrent to crime. Thieves or wrongdoers will think twice about targeting your business.

So our security guards at your business can provide peace of mind and a sense of security to employees, clients, and to you as the business owner.

Also, we solve your specific security concerns and create an overall secure business environment.

We are all about ensuring your business safety so that your employees become more productive, your clients trust you more, and you make business in a soundly and safely way.

Never let that anything threatens your peace of mind and your normal business activities. Instead, hire us today as your commercial security agency.

Your safety, your peace of mind and your business security are our priorities. Call us at (713) 783-1344.

We also offer residential neighborhood security services.


We aim to become the leading security guard and patrol company in Houston TX in the next 5 years. We’ll achieve this by providing elite commercial security guard and patrol services.


Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc.’s mission is to ensure your business safety. Our security guards will ensure every person’s safety inside your business, your peace of mind, and create the ideal environment to ensure your normal business activities.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. is the ideal private security company in Houston TX because we have highly trained, respectful, and diligent officers. Our absolute integrity and dedication are what differentiates us from the other security agencies.