Event Security

Event Security

We can help you keep your event starting, developing, and ending successfully without any turbulence. We can help you keep things in order in events like comic book conventions, concerts, business expositions, auto trade shows, and much more.

This is one of the most challenging services we offer. We know that every event is different. So we create the perfect security plan for it and have the best tools and systems to deal with crowds of people, vendors, and large facility buildings.

Each event has its own procedures on how to deal with disruptive attendees and other problems. Our security guards will always be the first to respond to a sudden turmoil or protect those whose security is being undermined.

Choose Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. as your go-to security guard agency, and you’ll see how your events always develop without any inconvenience!



Shopping Center Security Guard

Business Park Security

If you are the property manager of an office park, our security services will save you many headaches, worries, and guarantee safer and more secure everyday business activities.

We will patrol many office buildings to keep people, equipment, computers, machines, and all assets safe.

We, as one of the top security guard companies in Houston TX, have the best security systems, follow strict and smart protocols, and have the integrity you expect from a security company.

When working with us you can be certain that you will get intelligent, precise, and integrated security services.

We help to prevent security breaches, correct your current security concerns, and prepare your business for a brighter future.

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Hotel and Restaurant Security

Hotel and Restaurant Security

It’s easy to know why security is indispensable for hotels and restaurants. When you are at a restaurant your only wish is to enjoy great food, have a timeout from your daily routine, and have a great time with your loved ones.

So, having us to take care of your restaurant security is the surefire way to create a safe place for both your clients and employees.

Now, a hotel is not much different. Here security is even more essential.

When you go to a hotel, you expect to have an awesome night sleep to have energy for another hard day of work. You will only sleep like a baby if know you and your belongings are secure.

Of course nobody will go to eat at an insecure restaurant. It is more than obvious that nobody will go to rest to an improperly secured hotel.

Yeah, there you have it. It is time that you secure your business by hiring Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. Call us at (713) 783-1344 so that we can give you a free quote.

With more than 20 years of experience protecting hotels and restaurants, we know what you can expect from us.

Building Security

Building Security

Having a uniformed, well-equipped, armed, and trained security team tells the world that you take safety seriously. By hiring Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. to look over your building security, you’ll be stating that nobody should mess with your peace and safety.

Our security officers provide tenants, visitors, clients, and business owners with the peace of mind that your business and lives operating it are safe and in the ideal environment.

Our personnel can identify suspicious activity and follow the right protocol to prevent further damage to your business.

When seeing our armed guards, bad intentions will flew away from the mind of wrong doers. Or at least, they would not dare to mess with our armed security since your business will be strongly protected.

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