Shopping Center Security in Houston, TX

If you own a shopping center or mall, then you know that your customers want to feel safe at all times. For that reason, we recommend you hire Reliable Guard and Patrol Service! We offer premium shopping center security in Houston, TX.

What Clients Say

Loved By Our Clients

Protect your business and investments hiring Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. For more than 20 years, we have helped our clients as a commercial security company.

Chris Aldana

The service they give helps a lot, especially at night, the security always on top and ahead of work, making sure everyone and everything is safe.

Chris Aldana

Lazaro Gonzalez

I am very grateful for the service provided by the security guards of this company. Most speak Spanish and always respond when needed.

Lazaro Gonzalez

Get Superior Shopping Center Security in Houston, TX

When you hire us, we will develop a security plan that meets your needs. It doesn’t matter if you need 24/7 surveillance; your shopping or retail centers will always be secured with us.

We will tailor our commercial security services to your premises’ needs. This is so that our security is effective and efficient. You can be sure that your shopping center will be safe at all times.

Depending on the size and layout of your shopping mall, we can have our security officers in the following locations:

  • Enter and exit points
  • Parking lots
  • Food courts
  • Near fire alarms
  • At security or administrative offices
Get Superior Shopping Center Security in Houston, TX


The Best Security Services in the Area

The Best Security Services in the Area

There are several companies that offer shopping center security in Houston, TX. But, we guarantee you we are the best in the area. Our security team is responsive and skilled to handle any type of situation.

Shopping centers and malls are challenging when it comes to security. This is because they are open to the public, which means there is no access control to the premises.

Also, many emergencies can arise, such as lost children or a medical situation. For that reason, you need a security team that will be able to respond to every event.

Hire Reliable Guard and Patrol Service to protect your shopping malls today! You can expect our team to assess every situation the right way.

Work With Our Professional Security Guards

Besides the events we mentioned, our security offers can also perform the following:

  • Patrol parking lots
  • Deter theft
  • Help with loss prevention
  • Control crowds
  • Check surveillance cameras

No matter what type of event occurs, our team is ready to handle it. So, let us provide high-quality security solutions to all of your commercial facilities. We work with shopping centers, malls, warehouses, and more.

Our security guards will help provide the best shopping experience for everyone who visits your retail centers or malls.

Get the best mall security solutions and hire us! Call us now at (713) 783-1344.

Work With Our Professional Security Guards