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Reliable Guard and Patrol Services is a locally owned and operated company, offering security guard services in Houston’s Metropolitan Area. Our Security Guards in Houston are trained and licensed.

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Protect your business and investments hiring Reliable Guard and Patrol Service Inc. For more than 20 years, we have helped our clients as a commercial security company.

Chris Aldana

The service they give helps a lot, especially at night, the security always on top and ahead of work, making sure everyone and everything is safe.

Chris Aldana

Lazaro Gonzalez

I am very grateful for the service provided by the security guards of this company. Most speak Spanish and always respond when needed.

Lazaro Gonzalez

Enjoy All 5 Unique Benefits of Our Commercial Security Guard Services in Houston TX

We know that small businesses face many risks. One of those risks is to have to deal with thefts, physical aggression, property damage and other wrongful actions or crimes that can occur inside your business.

So, if you are still looking for options for security guard services in Houston TX or if you don’t know how hiring a security agency benefits your business, we invite you to continue reading.

  • Building Security
  • Office Park Security
  • Hotel and Restaurant Security
Enjoy All 5 Unique Benefits of Our Commercial Security Guard Services in Houston TX

Get 24/7 and Responsive Protection for Your Business

Our Security Officers Act Quickly to Mitigate Damages

Our Security Officers Act Quickly to Mitigate Damages

Life or death can depend on the hands and eyes of our uniformed security officers.

And for preventing death, it only takes one second. And in that slim margin of time, our security team will react to avoid damages to people’s lives.

Yeah, sure we are taking everything to the limit in this assumption. But these things happen, and our security guards are highly trained to assess a situation and react the right way to security breaches.

Just imagine that you have an angry and aggressive client inside your business. This person starts to do a mess (throwing tables, breaking windows, or inflicting physical damage to another person), and by the time police arrives, all can become irreparable chaos.

But that is not happening with our private security guards working for your business. They certainly have the guts, experience, security equipment, and tools to take control of the situation, preventing injuries or other adverse damages.

You Need Our 24/7 Protection and Help in Emergency Situations!

Yeah, by hiring our security guard services in Houston TX, you’ll have the opportunity to get unbreakable security to protect your business assets and people.

We help to identify security breaches, and take corrective actions, create contingency plans, and help prevent these things to happen in the near future.

When it comes to an emergency situation, you can blindly trust our security guards.

They are always equipped to manage a wide range of emergencies. Above all, they are genuinely willing to intervene in physical assaults, assist in medical emergencies, and prevent criminal incidents.

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Security Guard Services in Houston TX