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Getting a security job may not be as easy as some people say. Also, hiring a security service requires a lot of prior research. That is because there are several types of security guards. Each one offers different benefits for each specific situation.

Security companies will usually have various security guards with different roles. When you’re doing your research, make sure that the company you’re hiring works with the kind of security guard you need. As a result, the hiring process will be much easier.

If you wish to work in the security industry, you should learn about the various training types. That is because there’s a different type of training for each security guard job.

In this blog, we’ll talk about seven security jobs. There may be other kinds, but on this occasion, we will only focus on these.

These Are the 7 Types of Security Guards

A security professional should be highly trained for each specific job description. For that reason, there are several requirements to become a security guard. The requirements will vary with the kind of security job as well as the state.

The types of security guards are divided into different sections. First, there are armed and unarmed security guards, then contract and proprietary guards. There are also stationary and patrol guards as well as uniformed officers. Finally, you can hire residential, business, or personal guards.

No matter which security guard services you need, make sure that the officers have the proper training. Also, do your due diligence before hiring a company to handle your security.

For now, let’s discuss each different type.

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Armed and unarmed security guards

Contrary to popular belief, not all security guards carry guns. When you’re looking to hire a security guard, you’ll have to consider if you need them armed or unarmed. It will depend on the location and type of job for the guard.

You’ll need an armed security guard in places with high violence or where there are priceless valuables. These officers require more training than unarmed security guards because they need to know how to operate a firearm. As a result, hiring armed security guards is more expensive than hiring unarmed officers.

Not all places need an armed security guard, so hiring an unarmed officer will suffice. However, they can still carry non-lethal weapons, for example, pepper spray, tasers, or batons. Also, unarmed security guards need to know how to restrain assailants physically.

Contract and Proprietary Security Guards

The way you hire a guard will determine if the guard is under a proprietary or contract arrangement and define the guard’s payment.

A guard is under a proprietary arrangement when a company or person hires a guard directly. This means that the company will handle all training for the guard.

Also, when you or your company hires a security guard, this means that you will be in charge of overseeing them. Besides this, they’ll be included on your company’s payroll.

In other words, you will be in charge of paying them.

If you want complete control over your security guards, then you would benefit from proprietary guards.

On the other hand, a contractual arrangement is when you hire guards through a security company.

The private security company will handle all hiring, training, and payment process for the security guard.

Stationary and Patrol Guards

Stationary and patrol guards

The place where guards are assigned can define whether they are stationary or patrol guards.

Stationary guards, as the name implies, stay in the same spot during an entire shift. These guards work on crucial areas in a building, such as lobbies, entryways, or restricted areas.

They are responsible for overseeing or keeping watch over their assigned spot. A type of stationary guard has to work in a control room, keeping an eye on cameras and what goes on in the building.

Then, some guards perform mobile patrols. These guards are assigned a particular area. So, they have to move around the entire site during their designated shift.

Patrol guards can move around in their shift on foot if it is a small area. However, if they have to cover a much bigger area, then they can drive around.

Uniformed Security Guards

Uniformed security guards are hard to miss, unlike undercover guards.

If you’re looking to deter crime in your store, then you may want to consider a uniformed guard. This is because shoplifters or other perpetrators might think twice about committing a crime if they see a uniformed guard.

However, if you need someone for monitoring without drawing attention to themselves, you may want to consider a “plainclothes” or undercover guard.

Residential Guards

Residential security guards

People may opt to hire an officer to guard their private homes. These security guards will have to patrol the entire property and monitor every activity that goes on.

Residential guards need to keep an eye on all doors and windows during their entire shift. If the house has a gate, then the guard must be at the entry point to regulate who has access and who doesn’t.

Business Security Guards

Just like residential guards, there are also business security guards. This group includes:

  • Establishment guards
  • Corporate guards
  • Government guards
  • Warehouse guards

Personal Security Guards

Personal security guards

High-profile people will most likely hire private protection officers or personal security guards, and these are the same as bodyguards. This position is also known as executive protection and close protection.

Guards in this position need to be on the go all the time because they need to escort their clients. Day-to-day tasks for this type of guard will vary, so they need to be trained for all kinds of situations.

Even though there are other types of security guards, these are the main ones. You can also find combinations of these types. For example, you can have an armed and uniformed security guard protecting your home or business. So, whichever guard you decide to hire will depend on your specific needs.

If you need to hire security guards, then please give us a call! We are ready to assist you.

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