Types of Security Cameras
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If you’re looking to protect your commercial establishment, you should know the main types of security cameras out there. After all, they’re among the top devices when it comes to security solutions. That’s why today we’ll go over each kind, highlighting their main benefits.

So, if you wish to provide a safe space for your clients and employees, then be sure to keep on reading!

These Are the 8 Types of Security Cameras to Consider for Your Place

Along with knowing the many security guard types, commercial proprietors need to know the different surveillance cameras out there as well.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor security system, cameras are a must. They can help stores to prevent shoplifting and catch any burglars. For this reason, they are among the essential elements for a business’s security.

However, since there are multiple categories and subcategories in the market, it’s common for people not to know which is the ideal type for their premises.

For this reason, we decided to make a guide exploring these different video surveillance systems. That way, you can be sure that you’ll make a wise decision for your place.

Here are the top 8 types of security cameras you should consider:

  1. PTZ security cameras
  2. Box style cameras
  3. Dome security cameras
  4. Bullet camera types
  5. IP and wireless IP cameras with motion detection
  6. Day and Night indoor and outdoor security cameras
  7. Thermal / Infrared night vision cameras
  8. Wide dynamic cameras

PTZ Security Cameras

PTZ Security Cameras for Businesses

We first have the PTZ security cameras.

This type contains mechanical controls that allow you to zoom remotely, pan, tilt, and slant the camera. Similarly, you can control it either through a joystick or software. Finally, PTZ cameras often help you provide automatic patterns and auto-track movements to help you see if anything is out of order.

Box Style Cameras

Box Style Cameras with Customizable Lens

Coming in a stand-alone style, these cameras are the most prevalent for both commercial and smart home security systems. People tend to go for these cameras due to their affordability. However, they are not the most aesthetically pleasing option out there.

With this security camera type, you can customize its lens and housing. Additionally, you can opt either for a varifocal lens or a fixed one.

Dome Security Cameras

Indoor and Outdoor Dome Security Cameras

Dome security cameras are the perfect choice for companies who are looking for  stylish yet resistant cameras for their place. Just as its name implies, they come in a dome shape.

Another great thing about this style is the fact that they work out great for most business settings, whether you own a warehouse or a restaurant. Not only that, but dome cameras also work great for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Bullet Camera Types

Bullet Camera Types

Ever seen those cameras that have a projectile-style body? Then you have probably seen the bullet cameras. What’s great about this type is its infrared illuminators, which allow you to have a better view of the perimeter in the nighttime.

Additionally, bullet cameras tend to be wired to a central recording device. Because of the wiring, you’ll need to get them professionally installed.

IP and Wireless IP Cameras with Motion Detection

IP and Wireless Cameras with Motion Detection

Next on our list, we have IP cameras, both wired and wireless. Standing for Internet Protocol, these cameras use a digital signal to connect over a network. As a result, they provide a much better resolution and scalability compared to other security camera systems.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to replace any old analog cameras, then you should go for IP cameras due to their improved management system.

Lastly, you can save yourself some money by going for wireless cameras. This style provides business owners a camera with an easy, Wi-Fi- enabled setup. Also, these surveillance cameras offer instant alerts and fantastic images.

Day / Night Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

Day and Night Surveillance Cameras

When it comes to cameras that can handle both day and night situations, you should go for this type of security camera. You can place day/night cameras both inside and outside your commercial facility!

Thermal / Infrared Night Vision Cameras

Infrared Night Vision Cameras for Firms

Using thermal imaging for its surveillance footage, infrared cameras work best for extraordinary situations, such as complete darkness. Moreover, since it detects people and objects using its heat sensors, this security camera type can also see smoke, dust, light fog, and even haze!

Wide Dynamic Cameras

Wide Dynamic Video Camera Systems

Lastly, we have wide dynamic cameras. These cameras offer businesses a surveillance system that can adjust to different lighting conditions. However, the thing that makes these cameras stand out from the rest is their ability to capture clear face shots.

Companies can benefit from these cameras by placing them facing the entrance since bright light coming from outside can help provide a better picture of a person’s face.

Now that you know the main types of security cameras out there, it’s time to choose the best option for you. Always know that you can count on our team when looking for professional advice or need a reliable security company for your place.

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