Security Tag Types: Variety and Uses

security tag types

There are many security tag types in the market. But, do you know what a security tag is? Security tags are small electronic devices securely attached to apparel, bottles, labels, accessories, and other expensive objects. They serve as an essential component of a store’s EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance).

Protecting your products with security tags, whether garments, high-end fashion embellishments, or alcohol, is one of the most productive methods to prevent burglary.

Not only do visible tags hinder burglary, but electronic article monitoring tags rapidly alert employees to prevent shoplifters. When properly used, they help in the fight against retail theft.

7 Types of Security Tags You Should Know

Because products can range from bulky to delicate, security tags come in all types to fit any items. There is a broad range of fashion security tags, labels, and pins with various magnetic, radio frequency identification, and mechanical security tag removers.

Following, you will find a list of the most popular security tag types available:

  1. Pencil Security Tags
  2. Alligator Security Tags
  3. Shell Security Tags
  4. Bottle Security Tags
  5. Optical/Sunglasses
  6. Alarmed Security Pins
  7. Ink Tag

Pencil Security Tags

These are long, slender, and versatile alternatives used in conjunction with other store security EAS systems. Pencil tags also come with lanyards, and such labels are more commonly utilized. Lanyard tags may be used as long as there is a space in the object to be inserted.

Alligator Security Tags

These tags include a clampdown and need the use of an automatic tag remover security system. Plus, they are more visible to customers and serve as a significant visual deterrent to shoplifters.

Shell Security Tags

These are some of the most well-known and widely utilized RF tags. These lightweight security magnetic tags have a tag and a lock pin detached with a magnetic detatcher. This type is commonly used for loss prevention in clothing tags.

Bottle Security Tags

bottle security tags

These are tiny and do not obstruct the shelving or presentation of items. They are reusable, have a one-size-fits-all design, and are available in RF and AM frequency technologies to meet your EAS.

Bottle security tags have been shown to reduce the rate at which alcohol and beverages are stolen from retail security outlets, thus creating effective anti-theft measures.

Optical/Sunglasses Security Tags

These feature a distinctive non-obtrusive design that allows buyers to try them on before purchasing. Staff must use an optical tag detacher, which is readily affixed to the arms of the spectacles, to remove the security tag once the fashion item has been purchased.

The necessity for the items to be accessible and touched by the consumer is critical to the retailer’s capacity to guard the readily pocketed item against shoplifters.

Alarmed Security Pins

alarmed security pins

They are tiny, discreet security pins suitable for footwear, women’s shoes, and smaller, softer goods and clothes. Security pins are popular among retailers since they are inexpensive and efficient anti-theft security solutions.

They are deemed one step above the regular security pin since they allow you to take your standard security tag to the next level by providing an anti-tampering alarm. If a burglar tries to remove a tag forcibly, this pin will immediately sound an audible alert.

Ink Tag

ink security tag

Ink tags are a form of retail loss prevention, most commonly used by clothing retailers. Special equipment is required to remove the tags from the clothing.

When the tags are forcibly removed, one or more glass vials containing permanent ink will break, causing it to spill over the clothing, effectively destroying it.

Security tags come in various forms, sizes, and technologies to guarantee that retail businesses and items have the correct detection system to achieve anti-shoplifting aims. The sort of security tag you select is determined by the type of products you sell as well as your budget.

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